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Bryon Parffrey asked me to tell you about his help and guidance. I could not have gone through what I did back in 2007 without his help. I had signed up with a builder in the neighborhood that cut so many corners on my new house it was unbelievable. I finally had to fire the builder and my son completed the house. We could not have gone thru the misery of firing the builder and completing the house without Bryon’s timely assistance.

I had originally signed Bryon up to be my inspector (just to oversee all the details). After a visit to the job site, he would send me photos of good things accomplished, and other items that needed work. The builder ignored all. Finally, I decided to fire the builder, and Bryon helped me obtain the necessary paperwork to complete the house. Bryon is as honest as the day is long….and VERY competent.

You cannot go wrong with Bryon Parffrey!


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